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Concept Workshop designs, develops, manufactures, and licenses innovative packaging developments, devices, and premium products. We work with our clients to customize our patented technologies to meet their proprietary design requirements.

Our Services

We offer our innovations and services in three ways:



We can license our patents and ideas directly to you on exclusive or non-exclusive terms.


Sell or License utility


We can work with you to adapt our IP to your branded design. Then we will manufacture and ship a final product to your warehouses.

Develop new solutions


We can work with your marketing team to develop new patentable design solutions to meet your product and packaging requirements. 

Concept Workshop focuses its design objectives to meet these important challenges:



We incorporate sustainable materials and refillable componentry, and maintain clean production standards whenever possible. We want the final product to leave a minimal environmental footprint. 

User Friendly


Concept Workshop partners with usability engineers to develop products that are user-friendly, and wil  create a positive consumer experience for your market.



We develop products that allow your customers flexibility in how they interact with your brands. 

Many of our designs incorporate modular and interchangeable componentry so that the consumer can be creative in using the final products.

New Developments

A patent application: Unhinge Me stock square palette

Unhinge Me stock square palettes.

Product details

A patent application: Unhinge Me stock square palette

Unhinge Me Mirror-Mirror circular compact display mirror.

Product details

Unhinge Me Family

Our flagship and patented refillable, environmentally, sustainable, stackable, makeup packaging and mirror designs

Unhinge Me Miirror-Mirror patent
Unhinge me patent

Our company started with these innovative stackable magnetically hinged designs. From there we developed non-magnetic stackable snap makeup compacts. And now, we introduce our new:

Unhinge Me Mirror.

These modular hinged ground breaking designs are both compact mirrors, AND self-supporting tabletop display mirrors. Competitively priced with standard pin hinge concepts.

We offer magnetic and non-magnetic versions. No pin hinges! Our mirrors can be shaped into hearts, circles, teardrops, or animals. Actually, we can make any shape that you can imagine.

Mid Evening

Mid Evening is one of our newest patents - a modular compact wallet or purse that allows the consumer to insert and secure trays into an elegant, flexible holder. The holder can be constructed with leatherette, or a sustainable single layer fabric made from sustainable materials such as mushrooms or water resistant paper.

We are currently looking to partner with manufacturers of alternative materials to develop this concept further. Please contact us further if interested in working with us.

The consumer opens the wallet into a portable cosmetics and accessories center.

Mid Evening’s purse-like modular design can store makeup products, as well as such items as masks, pens, brushes, and credit cards.

a patent Mid Evening an application example

Our large version leatherette modular makeup and accessories wallet design.

Product details

Swivel Lip© an application example 1

The Mini Slanted Balm Applicator.

Product details

Swivel Lip

Our ground-breaking lipstick applicator innovation.

Our internationally patented refillable, environmentally sustainable, and cost friendly packaging system that offers a new way to package and apply lipsticks and lip balms. A makeup compact version is also available.

It replaces the more expensive traditional screw lipstick package. Water tight, PCR and recyclable material designs available.

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