Unhinge Me patented.

Unhinge Me Swivel

Each product layer of this cleverly designed cosmetic compact is its own individual package. Magnetically attach one layer to the next and your customer has created her own cosmetic set with the products she desires. The magnetic connector IS ALSO THE HINGE, about which she can swivel the compact layers open and closed!  This package offers an unique new way to retail your cosmetic products.

All our concepts can be customized to your brand's design requirements.

UHM moon cosmetic packaging design
The design example: Unhinge Me The Circle

1. The Circle

The Circle is the basic design of Unhinge Me. It consists of a single magnet that allows the circlular cosmetic layer to rotate open and closed.

The design example: Unhinge Me The Moon

2.The Moon

The Moon was our first seasonal promotional product. The customer assembled the half-circle layers into a promotional package. When they finished a cosmetic layer they ordered online for a replacement which arrived by mail in individual blister packages.

The design example: Unhinge Me Box

3. The Box

We can produce larger containers such as this 20 cm (8 inch) box. Perfect for jewelry and keepsakes.

PD Unhinge Me rectangle

4. The Rectangle

Unhinge me can be customized into an infinite number of shapes and sizes. This is our children's lip gloss design.

The design example: PD Unhinge Me The Bird cosmetic jewelry

5. The Dove

The Dove represents a story product for the teen market. Each necklace consists of a pair of cosmetic containers that are magnetically attached. The customer stores the other cosmetics in the dove house package and changes the cosmetic as she wishes.

The design example: Unhinge Me The Crystal cosmetic jewelry

6. The Crystal

Unhinge Me can be constructed a materials other than plastic. The bottom four crystals are made with bamboo powder. The top product is sprayed with anodized effect to resemble a metal finish. In fact, Unhinge Me can be constructed from paper, metal, paper, or wood products.


  • Individual trays held together by magnets that act as a hinge
  • Customers can select product trays and assemble their own package. Gives the consumer the POWER TO CREATE their own product!
  • Unique design to hold layers together in a woman's purse or pocket.
  • No broken or unseemly pin hinges
  • Saves overall packaging costs for your company; saves money for the consumer
  • Perfect for color cosmetics but, also can be designed as stationary holders, pill containers, artist paint sets. The applications are endless...

How does it work?

1. Swivel


  • We will work with you to develop this innovation to meet your brand's design requirements.
  • We will manufacture the final product at one of our global network partner factories, and ship it to your warehouse.
  • We can design this out of environmentally sustainable materials, plastic, paper, wood, or metal.
  • Additional innovations currently patent pending including a refillable.

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