Unhinge Me patented.

Unhinge Me Mirror-Mirror

This is our new modular, combination compact – table display mirror. It is more than a simple clam shell reflection device. Our mirror compacts don’t use pin hinges. Instead, they turn about specially designed mechanically detachable pivots.

All our concepts can be customized to your brand's design requirements.

Unhinge Me Mirror-Mirror | Various Shapes
Unhinge Me Mirror-mirror design example | Rectangular Palettes

1. Rectangular Palettes

The cosmetic palette cover acts as a display mirror.

Unhinge Me Mirror-Mirror design example: Various Shapes

2. Various Shapes

No flat sides are necessary.

3. Rectangular slot mirror


  • The simple inexpensive two-piece mirrors can be separated at the pivot and reconnected in multiple adjustable positions so the consumer can hold as a hand mirror.
  • The consumer can connect and set onto a tabletop for hands-free viewing.
  • Available in both magnetic and, our new environmentally sustainable NON-magnetic versions.

How does it work?

Using the round mirror compact.

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  • We will work with you to develop this innovation to meet your brand's design requirements.
  • We will manufacture the final product at one of our global network partner factories, and ship it to your warehouse.
  • We can design this out of standard plastic or environmentally sustainable PCR or recyclables.
  • Available to license to manufacture and promote. If you wish to use this development to supply your brand or fulfillment customers, please contact us to discuss. We are happy to work with you.

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