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Swivel Lip Lipstick

Swivel Lip is our ground-breaking lipstick applicator and makeup compact innovation! It is a 3-piece, inexpensive, refillable, environmentally sustainable packaging system that offers a new way for a customer to apply makeup and refill the spent product.

Customizable to your brand's shape, material, and graphics design.

Swivel Lip Lipstic design example
Design example: Swivel Lip Lipstick | Standard

1. Standard

This is our standard design, able to package a standard-sized lipstick bullet. When the consumer finishes the product, they simply eject the spent cartridge and snaps in the new one shown housed in the transparent and mailable case shown on the left.

Design example: Swivel Lip Lipstick | Slant

2. Slant

This small lip package can house a lip balm product. Perfect for skiers who need to apply product while they still wear their gloves.

And, they will never lose the cap! 


  • The low-cost standard design consists of three easily moldable parts.
  • It is refillable. Just snap prefilled cup into the device and close.
  • It can be automatically or manually filled at a filling facility.
  • The device can be molded from eco-friendly materials such as polypropylene and PCR.
  • Never lose a cap. The cap is attached to the base.
  • The consumer can adjust to different product heights during use.
  • We are currently working to develop watertight and unit dose versions of the package.

How does it work?

Swivel Lip Lipstics how to open

1. How to open

Swivel Lip Lipstics how to close

2. How to close

Swivel Lip Lipstics how to close

3. How to refill


  • We will work with you to develop this innovation to meet your brand's design requirements.
  • We will manufacture the final product at one of our global network partner factories, and ship it to your warehouse.
  • We can design this out of standard plastic or environmentally sustainable PCR or recyclables.
  • Available to license to manufacture and promote. If you wish to use this development to supply your brand or fulfillment customers, please contact us to discuss. We are happy to work with you.

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