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Mid Evening

Mid Evening is a foldable, modular purse design that allows you to magnetically insert and secure Unhinge Me’s magnetic trays into a flexible wallet.

All our concepts can be customized to your brand's design requirements.

UHM moon cosmetic packaging design
Design example: Mid Evening | Rectangular Wallet

1. Rectangular Wallet

This design shows a pair of leatherette wallets each containing a set of removable Unhinge Me magnetic compacts.

When the user opens the compact, she can access the cosmetic. A mirror can be incorporated in the cover.    

Design example: Mid Evening | Tyvek® Wallet

2. Tyvek® Wallet

The comact can be made from paper or Tyvek®. To the left are colorful Tyvek wallets with paper Unhinge Me modular trays. 

Design example: Mid Evening | Rectangular Wallet

3. Mid Evening Accessory Wallet

We are testing our new large purse-sized accessory wallet. Please visit us in March for these exciting designs.  


  • The wallet opens into a small, portable cosmetics center, which allows your customer to conveniently access multiple stacked layers of cosmetic protect.
  • Each plastic or paper layer acts as a self-contained refillable package.
  • This elegant color compact case can also hold cosmetic accessories such as brushes and mirrors, medication, credit cards, pens, and even a protective face mask.
  • * MidEvening purses can be constructed from elegant leather or leatherette materials or, more inexpensive washable or Tyvek® papers.

How does it work?

Mid Evening Wallet

1. Mid Evening Wallet

Mid Evening Wallet

2. MidEveningHolder

MidEvening Modular Wallet

3. Mid Evening Storage


  • We will work with you to develop this innovation to meet your brand's design requirements.
  • We will manufacture the final product at one of our global network partner factories, and ship it to your warehouse.
  • We can design this out of standard plastic or environmentally sustainable PCR or recyclables.
  • Available to license to manufacture and promote. If you wish to use this development to supply your brand or fulfillment customers, please contact us to discuss. We are happy to work with you.

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