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Swivel Lip Lipstick & Lip Balm

Swivel Lip© is our ground-breaking lipstick applicator and makeup compact innovation! It is a 3-piece, inexpensive, refillable, environmentally sustainable packaging system that offers a new way for a customer to apply makeup and refill the spent product.

We will customize our patented concept, into your branded design.

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How does it work?

Instead of the traditional screw package, Swivel Lip© incorporates a cover that is attached to the base by a pivot. To open the package, the consumer swivels the cover around and adjusts the lip bullet to the desired height. After they apply the lipstick, they swivel the cover closed again.

When the product is used up, the customer easily pops out the expended lipstick cartridge from the base, and then snaps in the new lipstick cartridge using a specially designed and mailable holder that protects the product until it is securely inserted into the package.




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