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WE ARE CURRENTLY UPDATING new products onto our website. We will complete the additions by Tuesday, December 15th. New products include Swivel Lip, Unhinge Me Mirror-Mirror, Mid Evening wallets, and our Sani-Pen Sprayers.

Concept Workshop
Worldwide, LLC

Things have changed. The world has changed. Packaging needs to be environmentally sustainable, user-friendly, and modular. Concept Workshop has changed its package and device design objectives to meet these important challenges.

We create innovative products and devices for the health & beauty, packaging, jewelry, and branded product markets. We offer our customized innovations in three ways:

  • We manufacture and sell our uniquely creative packaging, cosmetic and devices through our Hong Kong based company, Mosaic Development (FE) Limited. We will work with your brand to customize your proprietary designs around our patented concepts.  Together, we will create a truly unique product that will stand out on the retail shelves!  Please see our product lines here.
  • We sell or license our patents and ideas directly to you, our customer. 
  • We will develop new solutions to your product and packaging requirements using the latest in materials and technologies. Using our 3D and CNC prototyping technology and innovative ideas, we will help you develop new concepts that differentiate your product from those of your competitors.

Please explore our web site to learn more about what we have to offer. Or contact us if you are interested in any of our products. Or read our story...


____ Cosmoprof Asia Virtual Elite 2020 ____

Concept Workshop's and Mosaic Development is proud to participate at this ground-breaking virtual exhibit. Visit our virtual booth November 9 - 13th.

Or visit ou online showroom at Cosmoprof Asia's website:


In addition to the new products listed below, we can introduce you to our refillable comapcats, refillable jars, and our 3D and CNC prototyping services.

Attend the NYIGF!

Unhinge Me© is our flagship patented

refillable, environmentall sustainable, magnetically stackable, packaging design that offers a modular way to market your cosmetic products. And now, we introduce our new:

Unhinge Me Mirror-Mirror.

These modular hinged ground breaking designs are both compact mirrors, AND self-supporting tabletop display mirrors.

Magnetic and non-magnetic versions. No pin hinges! Heart, circular, oval, teardrop, rectangular shapes available.

US and foreign Patents

Unhinge Me Circle

Unhinge Me Palette


Mid Evening© is our newest patent; a modular compact wallet or purse that allows the consumer to insert and secure Unhinge Me’s trays into an elegant, flexible holder.

The consumer opens the wallet into a portable cosmetics center.

Mid Evening's purse-like modular design can store makeup products, as well as such items as masks, pens, brushes, and credit cards.

US and foreign Patents

Unhinge Me Palette

Please contact us to view this new purse compact product.

Swivel Lip© is our ground-breaking lipstick applicator and compact innovation.

An inexpensive, refillable, environmentally sustainable packaging system that offers a new way for a customer to apply lipsticks and lip balms.

It replaces the more expensive traditional screw lipstick package.

It can also be designed to package cosmetic compact makeup products. PCR and recyclable materials available.

US and foreign Patents

Swivel Lip

Swivel Lip Compact