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Swivel Lip Lipstick & Lip Balm

Swivel Lip© is our ground-breaking lipstick applicator and makeup compact innovation! It is a 3-piece, inexpensive, refillable, environmentally sustainable packaging system that offers a new way for a customer to apply makeup and refill the spent product.

We will customize our patented concept, into your branded design.

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  • The low-cost standard design consists of three easily moldable parts.
  • It is refillable. Just snap prefilled cup into the device and close.
  • It can be automatically or manually filled at a filling facility
  • The device can be molded from eco-friendly materials such as polypropylene and PCR.
  • Never lose a cap. The cap is attached to the base.
  • The consumer can adjust to allow for different product heights during use.
  • We are currently working to develop watertight and unit dose versions of the package.
  • US Patents 9700119, 10362853 and international Patents Pending.

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