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Cosmetic Compact Sampler

This miniature compact sampler is small enough to slip into a standard envelope. But, it looks, feels, and opens like a standard hinged compact. Patented design allows for easy filling, and special hinge assists in an airtight seal.

Perfect for sampling color cosmetics and creams. We can manufacture this in any color and decoration....

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  • Opens like a full-sized compact. 
  • Patented hinge and seal system allows for airtight seal.
  • Patented filling method allows you to fill unit while closed. Square shape easily oriented in filling equipment.
  • Two sealing versions available - "snap in" disc and label versions.
  • Can be mailed in a standard envelope.
  • Available in customized colors and decoration. Can insert small brush inside.
  • You can direct pore product in or, drop in a pre-filled pan.

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