Unhinge Me patented.

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A modular container system consisting of individual tray layers connected by magnets. To open trays or segments of trays, the customer slides one tray over the one below. Each tray can be retailed separately. Perfect for packaging cosmetic color lines and accesories, jewelry.    

Customizable to your brand's shape, material, and graphics design.

UHM cosmetic color palette
Design example: Unhinge Me Slide Paper Palette

1. Paper Palette - Retro Pirate

Design example: Unhinge Me Slide Large Square Compact

2. Retail Diamond Display Holder

Design example: Unhinge Me Slide Curve

3. Curve

Design example: Unhinge Me Slide | Paper Square

4. Paper Square


  • Individual trays held together by magnets that act as a hinge
  • Customers can select product trays and assemble their own package. Gives the consumer the POWER TO CREATE their own product!
  • Unique design to hold layers together in a woman's purse or pocket.
  • No broken or unseemly pin hinges
  • Saves overall packaging costs for your company; saves money for the consumer
  • Perfect for color cosmetics but, also can be designed as stationary holders, pill containers, artist paint sets. The applications are endless...

How does it work?

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  • We will work with you to develop this innovation to meet your brand's design requirements.
  • We will manufacture the final product at one of our global network partner factories, and ship it to your warehouse.
  • We can design this out of environmentally sustainable materials, plastic, paper, wood, or metal.
  • Additional innovations currently patent pending including a refillable.

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