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Custom Programmed

Digital Products

Mosaic Development will custom design, program, and manufacture customize digital products for such special applications as nutritional and weight-loss calculators, digital organizers for medication, infant minders, and pill timers. Give us your basic specifications and we will ship you a product that exactly matches your requirements.


Mosaic development has designed digital products since 1999. We have programming capability and have partnered with an American usability and ergonomics consulting company Usable Solutions, LLC to develop a product that is both functional and simple for your customers to operate. Please contact us for more information and very competitive quotes.

  • We will manage the entire process - develop product flow charts, program the IC, manufacture the               product, publish the instructions, create the packaging, and ship you the final product.
  • We can minimize your develoment costs by offering (as an option) stock tooling to house your digital product.
  • Minimum orders as low as 15,000 units.
  • We can manufacture standard push-button, touch pad products, card-readers, and PC-linked PDA's.
  • We manufacture products in ISO facilities. All products are rigorously inspected.


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